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Chaldean Numbers: Life Cycle Numbers

Organized collection of information and links on tree-ring research, or dendrochronology, by Henri D.

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Category: Unusual Support structure The reason I say that this has an unusual support structure because of how thin the wire actually is, you wouldn't think that it is strong.

Drinking straw window display at the Anthropologie in Palo Alto, California

Look!: Winter Wonderland of Straws

Anthropologie store windows

Anthropologie window displays visual merchandising - trinkets in middle of rolls of ribbon

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tribute to Francesco Venezia on Behance

tribute to Francesco Venezia

Anthropologie Holiday Windows 2012

Anthropologie Holiday Windows 201207

Anthropologie Window Displays are highly recommended for visual merchandisers who are seeking inspiration for their next project.

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Cities have existed for thousands of years and can be traced back to the river valley civilizations of Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), Egypt, India, and China.