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I will forever repin this lol. Mocking the fandom

Chapter 9: My New Favorite Song...Thanks Luke! *sarcasm*

OMG this is funny but are they mocking ponies or are they mocking people who get mad if ur fav song is SLSP. But seriously when people only know SLSP and Amnesia this is my reaction.

This is my favourite thing in the world. I remember the livestream happening and trying to explain this to my friends and they were not having it.

Crying now < calum in the second picture tho. total model :)<<<they got a bigger bathtub.

I laughed too hard at this

Luke gave birth. One of the many reasons I love this band

OMG LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!!! XD poor Luke :(

im laughing so hard rn you can actually see the hurt in luke's face and calum has no idea<<Oh my gosh poor Luke but it is funny

5 seconds of summer

This makes me emotional because this was LA last year but now they actually have their own superhero characters

Ashton Irwin

He is so frickin amazing, he didn't make a big deal bout it, he just said 'oh, well oops.

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"I'm a little to comfortable with my band." SPONGEBOB: I'll take that

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Poor ash, but at least Ashton is telling the truth. But I think the other boys are "trying" to be punk rock

I never noticed

Omg yes I guess I don't pay attention<<I knew that was Ashton but I didn't even see the scene with Mikey

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[ You're Beautiful ]✧.                                              Love Anika @i1uvMYFAMILY

"Hey Michael hey Michael hey hey Michael hey Michael-" "Shut up" "You love me"

I was so annoyed for Luke. At one point I think I yelled, "Shut up and let the baby speak!" XD

I was so annoyed for Luke. At one point I think I yelled, "Shut up and let the baby speak!" XD <<<< Hahaha<<< sassy luke at it again