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jolly-plaguefather: “ Chaos cultist brandishing the head of a slain Space Marine. No, the cultist probably didn’t kill the marine single handedly.

Khornate Berserkers are known to charge into battle without a second thought to their own safety, being almost completely blind to their own senses of pain, it is not at all strange for a berserker to get shot full of holes and missing his arm and a leg and still charge at his enemy with the full fanaticism and zeal to spill blood and take skulls

Bring an Axe to a Gunfight by Jedi-Art-Trick on DeviantArt

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My wife told me I should do a special steampunk post and some of you thought that was a great idea and so I’ve complied. Instead of my normal focus on one artist, today’s collection features a variety of artists.

Chaos Cultists2

Chaos Cult

Chaos Cults are the most dangerous of all those organisations that plot to overthrow the rule of.

For the Blood God! by DiegoGisbertLlorens on DeviantArt

deadestdeadpool: “ For the Blood God! by Diego Gisbert Llorens ”

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A representation of Khorne atop his throne, albeit a few less skulls than is rumored to be there