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Fan Ticci Toby -the mask?- by Ashiva-K-I on DeviantArt

Masky you scared me.Jack scares me. << poor Hoodie is so scared xD but I think Jack was traumatized for life.

Goddammit Jeff

Goddammit Jeff

XD im sorry im so sorry ^^^ This would actually be true.except I wouldn't have the gun XD

Sally with Eyeless Jack & Jeff The Killer

3 of my favourite creepypastas! eyeless jack, sally and jeff the killer.

Slenderman and Jeff the Killer - comic

Slenderman and Jeff the Killer - comic-->you gotta admit Jeff did a really good job putting braids in your tentacles Slendy

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Based on many considerations.I have decided not to draw&nbsp;any picture anymore about CreepyPasta, except Slenderman. I don’t know what the original writers like or dislike, the last thing.