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Dalmatian ~ Top 5 Fastest Dog Breeds On Earth

I absolutely love dalmations! I had one named Millie until I was we had to put her down then.

Dalmatians are such interesting dogs! I always wanted one as a kid

Please don't breed or buy while shelter animals die. Always adopt from rescue groups and shelters.

Dalmatian in Autumn

Pick: Cute Autumn Dalmation Of The Day

Dalmatians were originally bred to trot long distances next to coach cars and horses in England during the Distances up to 20 miles were common for this breed. For this translates into awesome running partner.

A dream home wouldn't be complete without a dream dog!

Liver spot dalmation from my dream: her name would be Gilly (hard "G")

Reminds me of oddball

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Dalmatian dog breed infromation, pictures, recognition etc.

Dalmatian Excitable and sociable dogs they will keep you busy but they are so loving and very beautiful which is why the are in my top ten dog breeds.


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