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I swear to god if that was my 4th grade yearbook I would die

I swear to god if that was my grade yearbook I would die

They both had no other plans besides music. I'm so glad it worked out for them. I hope it works out like that everyone

Oh shoot, I thought it was pregnancy 😂 jk

Dies of laughter because "Still Asian" // did he seriously say this? Because that's awesome.

This is why I love josh

I would have loved him in middle school

Memes of Twenty One Pilots

Young him reminds me of will pulter for some reason xD

I'm Tyler tbh

I'm Tyler tbh

I'd probably go up to them and start singing/screaming a random song and see if they know and continue it

Pretty much everyone at my school bc apparently everyone likes tøp and went to the concert

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My mom did that with nail polish. She was trying to buy me black and it turned out to be purple. She also tried two other times... one she forgot in the store and the other has blue sparkles in it D:

Tyler knows true hardship




Exams coming up

They're best friends>>>the best part is that they're probably sitting next to each other or in the same room as they tweet

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

They're best friends<< frens.

IM CRYISPGBN: // twenty one pilots humor

: // twenty one pilots humor

It's that easy; if your a fan it's Twenty Øne Piløts |-/ if your fake it's 21p, SPELL IT OUTSKKSNXKSLWJKZ

for anyone who doesn't know why some tøp fans get annoyed ny