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I have found the love of meh life....but so have many other people lol

I am dead. Just kill me. Please I don’t wanna live anymore.

Jungkook Hoseok going to the haunted house

Jungkook is like "Ayo ladies and gentlemen I going to haunted house!" whereas hob is like please help I never asked for this

And the new episode of run ep29 they dressed each other and it was so funny  i seriously love them so much my heart cant take it sometimes

There are so many companies who treat there idols like shit, thank god bighit is the complete opposite!

"Yoongi che storce il naso é la mia debolezza"

Another thing that Yoongi does that makes me warm and fuzzy inside! <<< Same, but an unhealthy amount that I don't have control of.

Lucky future wife :3

I'm honestly so happy for the person who is gonna marry him. of course I wish I was that person but boy I know that won't happen :') He is gold and he deserves to be happy after all he went thru

Oml this be da loml ❤ he be looking amazing all the time

Oml this be da loml ❤ he be looking amazing all the time

this has yet to happen ;-;

I got a compliment on my BTS shirt on the first day of school in gym once but sadly they were a grade above me and we haven't seen each other since

"swag"-Suga/Min Yoongi/ AGUSTD/InfiresKing

Sweg 😂 Suga is a swag master coz he has been practicing since 5 years old