Mistake or just evil? No safety, smoking first Strawberry scented Minion shampoo I wouldn’t trust a shop with this name Disney Princesses were not supposed to need nose jobs Really?

They Already Had That Technology

They Already Had That Technology

Funny Meme My 3 year old nephew asked if Grandma Bear was talking on Skype.

Me too Ariel. Me too.

One day me and will be at the SD Comic Con

At least he's outta mom's basement

33 Funny Pics & Memes to Smile Up Your Day

"I Once Stole A Puppy From A Pet Shop. 10 Years Later And I Still Have Him"

22 Wild Secrets From People Who Stole Animals. The first whisper reads, "I stole a dog cause my neighbors were abusing him"

I said in my bio that I like girls who wear glasses

I said in my bio that I like girls who wear glasses<<<HOLY CRAP

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Me: my eyeliner is okay but I don't want to mess it up. Also me: make the wing longer you can fix it.