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Betty Boop.....Salutes America!

Betty Book is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natwick. A caricature of a jazz age flapper, a large round baby face with big eyes and a nose like a button. First appeared in Dizzy Dishes

MySpace and Orkut Betty Boop Glitter Graphic - 1     I don't like Bety Boop, Eu não gosto da Bethi Boop, lá tem mais.

Southern Belle Betty- Love it! Love Betty Boop, Love the South.

Betty Boop - Coffee, Chocolate and men..The Richer the Better...Not always. LOL

Betty Boop - Coffee, Chocolate

Betty Boop - Coffee, Chocolate and men.The Richer the Better. LOL I can do without the men.

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Betty Boop Boop-Oop-A-Doop Fitted Red T-Shirt for women (Medium)

Devil BB

Betty Boop with black dress and black garter . Boop -- boop -- a -- doop !

So cute, I couldn't resist!

betty boop glitter - gorgeous I am beginning to see where my fashion passion started.

betty boop | Animated gif of patriotic Betty Boop with glittering...shimmering ...

Animated gif of patriotic Betty Boop with glittering.shimmering stars and stripes top hat, bathing suit and boots. Animated picture with Betty Boop wearing a stars and stripes bathing suit, top

"WHAT'S COOKIN' "  Image By: khunPaulsak - Photobucket

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