This is so so so so so perfect. Fanart ftw <3

Legend of Korra - Iknik Blackstone Varrick x Zhu Li - Zhurrick

Well would you look at that? Both Bataars and their ladies! But each designing something different from each other.

Tough women and their engineer/ architect partners. I really love the parallels between Suyin-Kuvira and Baatar Jr-Sr. It Looks Wonderful / I'm So Proud of You

The Next Generation of Airbending Masters by freestyletrue

Snapshot of the airbender kids right after Rohan reveals his new tattoos! (Jinora Ikki Meelo Rohan Love the idea of Meelo keeping his hair. I can understand Jinora having brown eyes, but why does Rohan have green?

a game of no : Photo

Aang and Katara's family / eskatoad: "That is one good looking family, huh?""That’s one happy family.

Mai & Zuko - Avatar:The Last Airbender

Don’t worry. They will like you. It’s just I wanted to draw some Zuko family.I don’t know, in my head Honora might not know Kataang kids for a while. Considering they all live in Republic city and Zuko and his family is rather far away in the fire.