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It's funny because I'm not a directioner and I know exactly who this is talking about ???

*cough* one direction *cough* 5 seconds of summer *cough* magcon boys *cough*

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Or like 8 years younger then them and the age they were when they went on Xfactor and on the other side of the world and don't have the money/time to go to a concert or even to London

the one who never sees the truth that i could take away your hurt heartbreak band 😍


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Either 1D, or shawn mendes, or magcon or 5sos is in almost everything i talk about

Either or shawn mendes, or magcon or is in almost everything i talk about

SAY IT. The other day i had a dream that mikey got put in jail for something he didnt do and me and the other 3 had to get him out and i woke up crying :(

Every band member is important! Would BVB be the same without C. Noooo it wouldn't and PTV wouldn't be the same without Mike or Jaime.<<<Don't forget about Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman in F.

Exactly ✌️>> this legit shows how anyone can be whoever they want to be in this big world. you just have to work hard at it

This went on a completely different direction then I thought it would, a better direction, one direction.

The only thing is I can actually see myself doing that. Like for real.

The only thing is I can actually see myself doing that. Like for real. just replace Harry with Tom Hiddleston or Jeremy Renner or basically anyone from the Avengers crew

Me.... I don't know if that's a good thing...

I serously told someone this and was like.I don't even know wht time I was born.Aint Nobody Got Time Fo Dat