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After the banning of sleeve rolling in 2011, rolled sleeves have made a come back. For those of you that need a refresher, here you go. For those of you who have never rolled sleeves, you're welcome.

Rolled sleeves have made a come back in the Marine Corps. uniform, so here's a few tips on rolling them correctly.

RANK STRUCTURE AND INSIGNIA OF ENLISTED MILITARY PERSONNEL - ALL BRANCHES OF US MILITARY SERVICE - web credit here - http://www.aviationexplorer.com/air_force_rank_structure.htm

United States Military Rank Structure for the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Coast Guard Insignia - Military Rank

Uniformed Military

The United States Military: Soldier = Army, Sailor = Navy, Airman = Airforce, Coastguardsman = Coastguard, and Marine = Marine Corps

The United States Armed Forces Ranks

Good to know while watching JAG and NCIS. See this infographic from Veterans United Home Loans on military rankings for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines.

If you give a soldier or Marine a Bowling ball and come back in a day they have either broken it or lost it.

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The Ribbons in Military Levels. The colours in the ribbons reflect the level of position within the ranks and the tours or accomplishments they made.

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The insignia of enlisted ranks in the US Marine Corps.

Marine Corp Ranks, after of years of living in a military town I have finally learned these.

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