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Leveraged Freedom Chair Sport by Amos Winter, Jake Childs and Jung Tak: The original LFC was developed to enable mobility for the disabled in developing countries. This upscale model focuses on lightweight performance.

Case Study: Leveraged Freedom Chair, by Amos Winter, Jake Childs and Jung TakEnabling Freedom for the Disabled in Developing Countries

Standard wheelchair is not enough when you have to go through rough terrain, this is the problem that Leveraged Freedom Chair wants to tackle.

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NEW Innovation in Electric folding wheelchair.Ideal for caravans,motorhomes,travelling,foldaway electric mobility.

世界初!チェーンのない折りたたみ電動自転車「JIVR | Bike」

JIVR chainless, smart, folding, beacon-enabled e-bike, a regular pedal bicycle if your battery runs out of juice.JIVR Bike folds up in four simple and ergonomic moves into a compact package that is easily wheeled into your building and stored

Wheelchair Concept on Industrial Design Served Another interesting design...I am curious to see how seating evolves.

'supercar-inspired wheelchair' by neilson navarette designs is Inspired by the audi

Little Known Ways to Exercise in Your Wheelchair

Keeping your body moving as much as possible should be a priority no matter what your disability.

こんなミニマムなキックスクーターはいかがかな? | roomie(ルーミー)

5065 Scooter folds down into a compact and portable tube, making it a convenient vehicle for ‘last mile’ transportation in the city.


ITRI MediRobot by Pilotfish is a robotic assistant that can lift and transfer patients with limited mobility and assist their caregiver. Traditional lifters have their drawbacks

Smart Chair by Kim Jhi Yong, Park Chul Wung, Eom Gi Chen, Jung Jin Seok, Prof. Kim Young Yun, Oh Jung Min, and Chung Sae Ha

The design of Smart Chair was born out of simple design and innovative mechanism to remove the stigma of medical device from mobility aid.