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{bite-size spaghetti + meatball on a stick}

Skewered spaghetti and meatballs Fabulous holiday appetizers: SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS: Twirl cooked angel hair pasta around a skewer, then add a cooked meatball. Serve on puddles of vodka sauce and pesto

New Years Appetizer

Glazed Kielbasa Bites

Glazed Kielbasa Bites People grabbed them faster than I could plate them! New Years eve Appetizers, Super Bowl Appetizers Party food

MIni Cheese Balls on a Stick! Fun finger food from Flavour and Savour

Mini Cheese Balls on a Stick

Mini Cheese Balls on a Stick--Fun Finger Food. One of the easiest appetizers ever! A creamy bite perfectly balanced with sharp blue cheese and sweet cranberries.

Ham and Dill Pickle Appetizer Bites- AKA Hammy Whammies! Favorite snack when I was younger :) still delicious!

Ham and Dill Pickle Appetizer Bites - My Moms recipe uses dried beef as the wrap, but this sounds like an interesting change! Pickle Roll Ups :)

Spaghetti and meatball pass around

APPETIZER APERITIVO Spaghetti and meatballs.clever presentation, though not terribly practical for eating and keeping hot.

Brie, Caramelised onion (could you use Hanks onion jam?) sprig o'thyme, slice baguette. Mmmm

Onion & Bacon Marmalade

Onion & Bacon Marmalade Served with Brie onto Sliced Baguette."bacon jam on brie on baguette, MAYBE onion"

Mini Cheese Balls on a Stick-Fun Finger Food - Flavour and Savour

Mini Cheese Balls on a Stick

Mini Cheese Balls on a Stick-Fun Finger Food ! Quick and easy last-minute appetizer. Just blend cream cheese, blue cheese (or another sharp cheese) with dried cranberries, roll in toasted pecans and skewer with a pretzel.

Watermelon presentation.

Simple and Unique way to serve watermelon. As juicy as most watermelons are, I think a slice with center removed and bowl hidden - then filled with melon balls from the fruit removed from slice.

Tiny wedge salad skewers

Food on a Stick: 11 Fresh Ways Wedge Salad on a Stick: This quick and easy appetizer is and a great way to impress your guests! Perfect for picnics, too. Beet Salad on a Stick: Impress your.