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My dad always said the first time he drank tequila, he said never again. until the second time.

tequila. It's been a very long time...But some things you never forget! *shivers*

Tequila - "Let's have a shot of Patron!" always sounds like such a good idea.the night before the rooster is crowing on your head.

Tequilaaaa! - MemePix

Benefits of Tequila. So sad that I can't drink it anymore :(

This reminds me of my friends and their addiction to Patron

Funny Confession Ecard: I take my problems with a grain of salt.a slice of lime.and a shot of tequila.

you can't hide behind a pretty face.

Maybe you should eat makeup so you can try and be pretty on the inside, bitch.

Sippin’ on some Ice-T: | Community Post: 33 Jokes Only "Law And Order: SVU" Fans Will Understand

33 Jokes Only "Law And Order: SVU" Fans Will Understand

Law and order Soda Vending Unit! And it's vending Iced Tea! Ice - T!

@Jennifer Milsaps L Farley - I agree with you! It's a beautiful word! <3 I love the word 'cunt'

Too bad your dream of driving thekarma bus turned out tobe the reality of youriding a tricycle, flippingover the handle barsand running yourselfover

he he he he he he he he he

Hahahah"I'm really trying to be fabulous today but I was so fucking fabulous last night I'm exhausted"

ain't that the truth ha.

i truly dont think this will ever happen. at ANY point in your life your going to think at a certain age youd have your shit together. what is "having your shit together" anyways. fuck it.