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super happy funtime blog: Eye Bombing

In an effort to "humanize the streets, and bring sunshine to people passing by", the folks behind Eyebombing have begun attaching googly eyes to inanimate

Street art ...

I like "vandal-eye-zing" better! Time to break out the googly eyes. Eyebombing: Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time.

Magnetic Googly Eyes

How-To: Magnetic Googly Eyes

Creative Street Art by Sandrine Boulet | Bored Panda

Creative Street Art by Sandrine Boulet

French artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet photographs everyday objects on the streets of Paris and then draws over them to give new meaning to ordinary things like street posts, pavement cracks or even a broken umbrella

Karlsson Leg

25+ Random Acts Of Genius Vandalism

Moscow eye bomb.

12 Coolest Examples of Eyebombing - eyebombing, eyebomb