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This is a beautiful daily picture of a couple kissing in a market in Paris. I love the colours, the used and natural effect of this capture. -> from the National Geographic, 1972 “Young lovers in Paris” by Gordon W.

Picnic : Food : Park

a nice, romantic picnic date. And I really like the hammock idea.Having the picnic in the back of a pickup truck parked in a field with pretty flowers or by a lake would be more ideal to avoid ants and stuff.

18 Cosas que solo entienden quienes prefieren leer libros impresos

18 Cosas que solo entienden quienes prefieren leer libros impresos

Yes! It's so great when you can spend quality time with a guy and not a word is said. Just being with each other and reading a book. I had a guy like this once, but he was a jerk. Definitely looking for another guy I can read with!


French photographer Théo Gosselin captures a raw, wild youth in casual and sometimes intimate places. He focuses on his friends, his surroundings, and people experiencing the world.

"It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy;—it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others." ~Jane Austen

The late George Plimpton in the background, decidedly NOT amused by the amorous couple in the foreground at Elaine's in New York. Photo by Larry Fink.

Love never changes

Caption: "My favorite picture of my grandparents. My grandfather had just got back from war." <<< Not my grandparents, but a sweet picture nonetheless


Home is wherever YOU are.

you steady me., as a little girl I would dance barefoot on the hardwood floor performing ballerina twirls**~

A las montañas | no puedo dejar mi pon |

I want to travel with you! i want to go to obscure places with no one around. I want it to be just us. I want to kiss you in every possible place! From the oceans to the mountains to the dessert I want to kiss you there!

annaluxx on Flickr.

25 Adorable Couples Stunning Photography, I love to click black and white photography it shows the real expressions and a real story of boy and girl.