The 27 club

Here are 9 members of the 27 Club – musicians who have died in tragic circumstances at the age of drug induced personal tragic, and fatal, life choices !

jim morrison

10 poemas de Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, the rock idol flung the doors of perception wide open and as we read his poetry, for an instant we become infinite

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison - I've never seen a picture of Morrison with the iris of his eyes showing this much! He has blue eyes but almost every picture of him shows him with very huge dilated pupils, almost entirely black. This is truly an incredible photo.

Some rare Doors and Jim Morrison photos. – Classic Rockers Network

Some rare Doors and Jim Morrison photos.

brian jones jimi hendrix - and jim morrison :**

brian jones, jim morrison & jimi hendrix - ( is clearly a fake, is the image of Brian and Jimmy, I think in Monterey, to which was added Jim! -would interesting to understand the source - )segn. by nik crown ( another FAKE PICTURE!


“Death makes Angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as Ravens claws” ― Jim Morrison, An American Prayer. James Douglas "Jim" Morrison [Dec 1943 ― July ♡ The Doors.

28 fotografie inedite del leggendario Festival di Woodstock del 1969 | Il blog di Paolo ruffini

The 1969 event was undoubtedly one of the most formative moments in music history, but as we& learned with most music festivals, they lend.

Jim Morrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971). Souce was so sexy

James Douglas "Jim" Morrison (December 1943 – July was an American singer-songwriter and poet, best remembered as the lead singer of Los Angeles rock band The Doors. My all time love !

Jim Morrison "Expose yourself to your deepest fear: after that , fear has no power and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free"

The Best of Jim Morrison, Dead 40 Years Ago Today