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Ploughman's Lunch. Throw in a small dish of mustard and gherkins, and we're good to go

Ploughmans platter - consists usually of fresh bread, Branston pickle, cheese, ham, small salad and pickled onion! This together with a pint of your preference = perfect lunch!

A Ploughman's Lunch — a snack or meal composed of cold ingredients like cheese, meats, butter, fruit, salads, spreads and crusty bread — is a popular item in British pubs, usually served with beer.

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Cheese Savoury (Sandwich Filling)

Cheese Savoury (Sandwich Filling)

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Ploughman's lunch - fresh hearty bread, butter, hard cheese, fruit, pickles, and simple salad greens, tomatoes, and maybe cucumber.

Ploughman's Lunch, so it is titled. I love a ploughman's sandwich so yum, yum yum!

Image from http://images.goodfood.com.au/2014/03/21/5282494/Four%20in%20Hand-620x0.jpg.

Image from http://images.goodfood.com.au/2014/03/21/5282494/Four%20in%20Hand-620x0.jpg.

PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH  ~   There are no hard-and-fast rules for preparing a ploughman's lunch, as the process is more one of assembly than actual cooking. Further, when the lunch is offered on a pub menu today, there are often several choices of ingredients from which to choose. Nevertheless, when preparing your own version, Kate recommends making the cheese the focal point; adding Branston pickles, pickled onions, and slices of various fruit and vegetables, and bread. MORE INFO ON SITE

Ploughman's Lunch

ploughman's lunch - perks of having a Brit boyfriend. Brought this to me for lunch today.

Ploughman's lunch - England

Originally a British farm worker's packed lunch - crumbly, cloth-bound cheddar, strong pickles and tough bread - the ploughman's was promoted as a quick, easy .

A ploughman's lunch … or is it?

How to eat: a ploughman's lunch

This month, How To Eat is in a country pub trying to enjoy a ploughman's lunch. But an argument is raging about what that means. One cheese or three? Is pate OK? Are pickled onions edible? Is this a sharing dish or best enjoyed solo?