Baby badgers.  They are super cuddly and all, but aren't these the kind of badgers that don't give a shit?

(KO) It's the badger brigade! A boodle of badgers! Buckets of badgers! Bunches of badgers! Badgers are such interesting animals. Look 'em up!

Baby badgers! For such a mean animal, they have really pretty babies. ruthgot

BABY BADGERS - Doxie's one mission was to use their big front feet and dig out badger holes.


british badger - Reminds me of Wind in the Willows.


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Badgers like our garden here in Herefordshire. The Wildlife Trusts (links to around UK)

** " Dey callz me Honey Badger; de Chuck Norris of animals. Me thinks dey be wrong. Der be others worse off den him.

Badger - meles meles

In pictures: Wild Autumn Festival

Scotland Badger (Meles meles) by Jamie Brightwell. Found throughout England, Wales, most of Scotland except for the far north, and Northern Ireland.

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I'm just a cute little badger 😍😍😍

Badger badger badger.

Badgers, as members of the animal kingdom, are not as popular as Wolverines are, though the two are often linked as distant cousins, given .

So peaceful... quit I'm enjoying nature... I said quit  that's com here you ahhhhh

One of the orphan badger cubs at the British Wildlife center

little European Badger

little European Badger


The Wisconsin state animal.cute badger, determined little things.guess that is why we are the Badger State.

Badger, powerful medicine

Cornwall MPs: Vote against the badger cull on the June Debate



If you never thought you& want a badger, raccoon, or owl of your own, these squeal-inducing photos might just change your mind.

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RL Chobbit Hobbit's Nature Corner: Badger via wildlife u.

This adorable badger cub is finally relaxing now that he's safe.

Nervous Baby Badger Relaxes Now That He's Finally Safe

Peek 'a' boo  Badger cub. Taken at the British Wildlife Centre. From Animal Story FB

Peek 'a' boo Badger cub. Taken at the British Wildlife Centre. From Animal Story FB How on earth can we willingly cull them?