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Squishable T-Rex

Squishable / T-Rex Squishable

Discovered that some past colleagues started up a company devoted to giant adorable plushes.  I think I want one. But I want them to design a bush baby one.

Squishable Arctic Fox , reminds me of my dog I used to have.

Squishable Android: An Adorable Fuzzy Plush to Snurfle and Squeeze!

A soft and squishy Android.



squishable.com: Big Squishable Animals

Squishables Pillow Animals and Pet Pillows

Squishable Dragon Plush - 15"

Yes- my son is now the proud owner of this squishable dragon. And I want a ton of other squishables.

Platypus Squishable

Who doesn't love a good platypus pillow?

Mini Squishable T-Rex

Mini Squishable T-Rex

Squishable Moose is 15 squishy inches of antlers to hooves!

Squishable Moose

Squishable Moose: An Adorable Fuzzy Plush to Snurfle and Squeeze!

Mini Squishable Flamingo (already has)

I wiffled and waffled about getting a flamingo, but he's so darn adorable that I just HAD to.

Phoenix now featured on Fab.

This Squishable Phoenix is pretty much the cutest little plushy ever made, and he would like to say hello to you!

Source: Randomphilia - Imgur

Jesus Christ man

HAHAHA Trex comics always make me smile

Skettle has a big heart...you know because you can see it! Being a big ball of bones doesn't make Skettle any less cuddly. We wouldn't normally suggest you squeeze a skeleton, but in this case we think you'll enjoy it... just don’t hug too hard. Created with awesome comic artist Andrew Bell of Creatures in My Head, Skettle is low on organs, but full of love! 15 squishy inches of bone-rattling cuteness! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! $42.00 #squishable #plush #new

Meet Skettle, another Andrew Bell/Squishable collaboration. See his heart peeking out from between his bones?


Squishable Corgi: An Adorable Fuzzy Plush to Snurfle and Squeeze!

beloved-ones: Baby Dino pattern

beloved-ones: Baby Dino pattern

narwhals narwhals, swimming in the ocean causing a commotion cause they are so awesome!!!!!!

Massive Narwhal Bean Bag: An Adorable Fuzzy Plush to Snurfle and Squeeze!