Can't seem to focus on anything today and this is the journal spread that resulted. It's done in my "File Folder Journal , which i.

Marjie Kemper Art Journal. Marjie will be teaching at Simple Pleasures in Sept 2015.

Unruly PaperArts: July 2013 Reader Art Quest: Vacation-Themed Postcards by Marjie Kemper

Terri Morse viaFlickr

An incredibly creative and colorful romp through life, using whatever creative materials I can get my hands on.

finish in five2 001

Finish in Five – Art Journal Tutorial Series – Episode #1

GCgirl: How great His love is for us...

GCgirl: How great His love is for us.

Life Book Love Stories – Courtney Lemmons the heart contains several rolled up pieces of paper containing love msgs to the people in our lives that we have ‘heart connections with’. It was a moving project:

Life Book 2013 The Tam Edition is now on Sale! 11 in-depth mixed media art lessons by Tam from Life Book Buy Now! :-) Lifebook 2013 The Tam Edition GBP Themed around self-development …