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Designer Samuel Bernier created a range of 3D-printed lampshades which he entitled “Dentelle”. The collection is elegant, creative, and each of its items cost about 5$ to complete.

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Studio MeraldiRubini have designed The Rumbles, a collection of 3 lamps that were created using printers. "Inalye, Iraya and Issay, are the three elements that make up

Carbon Fiber 451 Lamp by Marcus Tremonto/ When asked by art gallery owner Patrick Brillet to design a piece out of Carbon Fiber, Marcus decided to celebrate and utilize the best of the materials true physical properties, its strength and lightness. The complexity of curves and required thinness could not be duplicated in any other material while still maintaining its ability to support itself completely...

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This is and awesome light fixture. not sure where I would use it, but so interesting. "New York designer Mark Tremonto’s ribbon-like Carbon 451 Lamp is the centerpiece for an interior space that really needs a cool focal point.

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Design Lighting Ideas : A Warm Glow Slips Through The Porous Skin Of These Ceramic Lampshades

Aydınlatma ve Dekor Dünyasından Gelişmeler: Inga Sempé'den Wästberg'e Özel W103s Aydınlatma  #aydinlatma #lighting #design #tasarim #dekor #decor

Designer Inga Sempé have designed the colorful ‘half-balloon shape’ Sempe Pendant Lamp for Swedish lighting company Wästberg.