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You’ve been friends for years and the thought has come across your mind of taking things a bit further. He’s cute, funny and what’s the worst that could happen? Well, a lot actually. Here are the pros and cons of hooking up with your best friend (...

The Pros and Cons of Hooking Up With Your Best Friend

10 Things You Should Never Make Your Boyfriend Do With You - The Bolde

Kinda think this would be perfect date thing goof off at a store then veg out on food and watch movies :)

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Love means sharing happy and sad moments, a smile or a tear. Love is the secret ingredient that makes a moment special, a hug warm,a kiss sweet. Love is. I found my love :-*

Bedtime story + cuddler.

Seance couple lifestyle How do you feel about reading out loud? Because I, personally, LOVE being read to! Read to me while we cuddle and you scratch my back and I'll be the happiest person on the planet. A good back scratch goes a long way just fyi.

Young Love

Date Nights........{You Need 'Em

Fun for a wedding day picture, to show my wedding shoes. I love the idea of us being in our wedding attire for the picture.


Perfect poses for your engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot. The pictures can be put into frames and used as part of your centerpiece.

http://enviarpostales.net/postal-para-enviar-1464/ Postal para Enviar- #postales5601

http://enviarpostales.net/postal-para-enviar-1464/ Postal para Enviar- #postales5601

Soyez tout simplement sexy! ❤️

Senior Pictures - Posing and Clothes - by Flower Mound Photographer Lisa McNiel

Laughing in his arms

love couple Black and White happiness smile hugs smiling laughing black and white couple black and white love couple laughing