Sherlock texts

John & Sherlock's friendship summed up

This is scary accurate...

Sherlock series one and two the show and the fandom vs series three the show and the fandom

This is beautiful  Oh God Anderson

Poor Anderson<--sherlock's face is perfect there

19 Things That You'll Never See The Same Way Again (click on it)

19 Things That You'll Never See The Same Way Again

When I hear LoTR fans saying this around a bonfire here in the UK for Guy Fawkes Night I always smile and shout MUSTER THE ROHIRRIM! Everyone who gets it laughs and shouts in response too, those that don't look at the rest of us like we're drunk or mad.

Possibly the most underrated line in the whole series. Also John's grin is priceless. Also this scene always hurts my heart so much

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Most of the time, Sherlock smiles in someone's face and then stops as soon as they aren't looking .But with John, Sherlock tries to look cool and collected when he's secretly pleased

Melinda - The Sherlock fandom as told by Benedict Cumberbatch...this is so accurate.

THIS^Except my family not friends.:D XDXD the after face: sort of a "I'm numb to the pain" face

vision by Sherlockspeare

My name is Mark Gatiss and I WILL kill again!

Mycroft's one true love. An umbrella cake

I know this was awesome, I sat there like 'This is the best thing I've seen all day'

Teenager Sherlock learning how to ride a motorbike

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This is probably one of the cutest kidlocks I have seen! I need an episode where the doctor meets Sherlock, I need a WhoLock moment


John understands Sherlock so well and this is just from the second ever episode!

sad detective noises xD

Ok but what the fuck is a sad detective noise

Haha! I laughed more than I should have at this.

"You ain't gettin' no ashtray. I don' care if you da prince. I em Martin frickin' Freeman. You ain't gettin' no ashtray.

Just for a giggle!

Just for a giggle!

I'd like to find that out for myself, thank you.

I'd like to find that out for myself, thank you.<<<I agree even though I'm a teenager. When there's certain pics of him that make me say, "zayum!