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#wattpad #fanfiction This book is a series of Sabriel and Destiel one shots! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! I update randomly and do take requests! I have never written smut so if someone ever requests it I'll try to do it, but it may not be good....

Sabriel/Destiel one shots - High way to hell!

Jensen's face makes the entire photo worth it! And those cartoon faces: sooo cute! I love Supernatural!

Sam | Supernatural

Sam/Laptop [LOL there's also a song if you click through.] I am dying.click through and listen to the song.

Supernatural-- Castiel... haha

One of my favorite scenes. I love the fact that Cas's expression never changes and Deans brilliant eye-roll.


All I saw when it was turned upside down was Dean pulling Cas down from heaven or out of a tree or something lol

I would hyperventilate too if i had the impala

Dean: "Where's my car?" Sam: "Did you feed the meter?" Dean: "Yes I fed the meter. Sam, where's my car? Somebody stole my car!" Sam: "Hey, hey calm down." Dean: "I am calm down! Somebody stole my ca" Sam: "Dean. Hey, hey, take it easy. Take it easy"

Castiel loves humans.  <3  They're works of art.

Cas loves humans he loved them so much he gave up an angel army for Dean


Cute Supernatural Chibi's : Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester <--- They're just.SO CUTE

Characters in order of appearance: Castiel, Gabriel, Anna, Sam, Ruby, Dean, Jo, Ash, Bobby, Ellen, John, Mary, Lucifer, Dean again, and Sam/Lucifer (Samifer).

Tower of cute.

Zerochan has 41 Lucifer (Supernatural) anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Lucifer (Supernatural) is a character from Supernatural.