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Misha on his kids. (This isn't real Misha on his kids. This interviewer was being rude and sick cuz he kept bringing up misha's wife's book on threesomes and wanting to know about that. Misha got fed up and started to answer like this. Go Misha!

This is relevant even if you do not watch the show. - Imgur

This is relevant even if you do not watch the show. - Imgur

Oh HECK no. Just no. No no no no no. (If you need me, I'll be in the corner, sobbing... AGAIN)

*flips table* Don't talk about Kevin. Don't talk about collage Sam. That hurts less than young kevin and collage Sam

west's pasta with jam sauce with a half-eaten apple in it. yum

I love how the first 'Cooking Fast and Fresh with West' the meal looks delicious, the second one looks weird but still pretty edible, and the,last one. poor Misha LOL and West Collins ^_^

THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Haha It's would be so cute, West is Misha's mini me already as it is!

And if sam and Dean have to pick him up and he doesn't want to be picked up, it would be really good because he'll be fighting to get down.<<Yes lol this whole thing is amazing

Not directly spn but Jared... Mooseeeeee. And I really like books......lol

Not directly spn but Jared. And I really like books.lol<<<you are basically my spirit animal <<< Same guys! Plus I like Gilmore Girls sooo.