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Omg I looked at this and thought oh I know because of that dan and phil video 😂.

EVEN TYLER SHIPS IT AND IF TYLER SHIPS IT IT WILL SAIL AND BE CANON <-- Its so hard not to ship Phan , Dan and Phil are soo close its almost as if theyre asking to be shipped sometimes... X3

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"Tyler, Pewdiepie and also BBC ships Phan. Curse you two why don't you make Phan happen?" Jacksepticeye also ships Phan. Tyler is Phil trash

Am I the only one that realized that all these quotes are from the same video? xD They are still beautiful though

Dan: Nope nope nopeity nope Phil: Do you hear that? Dan: That's the sound of me noping << don't forget 'what the heckydizzle?' And 'fight me you ceramic bitch' 😂

Phil saying thank you doesn't surprise me. Dan? Well,Phil is rubbing off on him.:

They honestly were made for each other. Like if anyone was made for each other in friend or more way it's Dan and Phil << true true idc what they are but they have the best connection