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Larp Armour Gryphon Helmet

Larp Armour Gryphon Helmet

Larp Eagle Armour

Larp Eagle Armour

Fantasy Eagle wing design polyurethane resin chest armour for larp, film, tv, cosplay and theatre

Exodolan aerial cavalry helmet

Our client for this requested three themes to be implemented: A past work called the Archangel Helmet, a Thor helmet, and a spar.

402.06€ -  …

402.06€ - …

Larp Armour Lion Head pauldrons

Larp Armor Lion Head pauldrons

Fantasy Lion head design polyurethane resin shoulder armour for larp, film, tv, cosplay and theatre

Elven helmet side by *Sharpener on deviantART

Helmet made to fit an elven nomad of sorts. Drew inspiration from Gondorhelmets in LOTR but it ended up looking more like Underworld-helmets Elven helmet side

10408557_993460080706245_1566563986142040988_n.jpg (640×960)

10408557_993460080706245_1566563986142040988_n.jpg (640×960)

i4NdqaOhhaA.jpg (727×1080)

Fantasy Superhero Armor by Prince Armory Custom Fantasy Leather Armor Design derivative of the Kryptonian Armor Jor El wore in Man of Steel.

Celtic dragon helm by Kloor-a-Kawn

Celtic dragon helmet, very elven, so want to make this for an elven warrior!