| ARCHITECTURE | one of my favourite homes to date, simple and handsome. Architecture Photography: Sunken House / Adjaye Assocates - Sunken House / Adjaye Assocates (213738) - ArchDaily #architecture

Sunken House / Adjaye Associates

Architects: Steven Holl Architects Location: Dutchess County, NY, USA Design Architect: Steven Holl Project Advisor: Chris McVoy Project Architect:

T Space / Steven Holl Architects

House at Camusdarach Sands / Raw Architecture Workshop

House at Camusdarach Sands / Raw Architecture Workshop

one man sauna | Modulorbeat | Architekten Münster

Not your grandpa’s sauna. The One Man Sauna stands on an abandoned factory site in Bochum, Germany. The Modulorbeat design is a stacked tower of concrete shaft mine components.

Galería - Casa Casablanca_67 / Orlando Etcheberrigaray - 01

Galería de Casa Casablanca_67 / Orlando Etcheberrigaray - 1

VolgaDacha House / Bureau Bernaskoni

VolgaDacha House / Bureau Bernaskoni


I like the stone foundation: Cape Cod Greenhouse - contemporary - greenhouses - other metro - BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd

Subverting the traditional, conservatively cozy British barn conversion, Carl Turner created a getaway in rural Norfolk for himself and his friends to visit, repose, and consider the beauty of agrarian minimalism.

Tucked away in a corner of Norfolk County, England, this pair of barns—one new, one renovated—sit low in the vast countryside. Photo by: Christoffer Rudquist

Gregers Grams Vei R21

This project relates to the ongoing densification of the detached house areas of Oslo and investigates how to densify these areas without compromising on architectural and existing qualities. The five single-family houses in Gregers Grams vei of.

CLF Houses / Estudio BaBO

Gallery of CLF Houses / Estudio BaBO - 8