Peter Ingman

Peter Ingman

Looking for the WOW factor while in search for a red thread in life. Finally I will enter the Red Room and all other Rooms my heart desires.
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Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser has all he needs in his compact, 580-square-foot Hollywood abode.

Bizible Unified Attribution Cloud: Organic, Ad Networks, Website, CRM, Marketing Automation - Attribution + Predictive + Analytics

Bolt is a new cool eScooter that are looking for investors. You are not allowed to buy yet, but could stand in line for one. I keep on looking for my next ride.

The Brilliance of Issey Miyake: A Retrospective | The Rosenrot | For The Love of Avant-Garde Fashion

1990 - Wrapped Torso - To show off this dress by Issey Miyake, Herb Ritts selected a dark backdrop and had model Karen Alexander adopt a ballet-like pose. Lighted from above, the semitranslucent fabric both reveals and obscures the contours of the model's body. The photographer's choice of the platinum printing process over the less expensive and more common gelatin silver process gives the photograph a significantly wider range of tones and a luxurious matte surface.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

19 Things That Will Warm Even The Coldest, Deadest Heart

#ACRONYM: read the full interview with founder Errolson Hugh on 1 Granary

JUUN.J’s F/W 2013 collection.