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Grunt by Patrick Olejniczak #masseffect

Stunning Mass Effect 3 Characters by Patryk Garrett. Patryk is a digital artist based in Lodz, Poland. I write to inform that you will be able to see my Mass Effect fan arts in a full glory (yes yes without… Continue Reading →

~ ♥Garrus by ~brinx2 on deviantART♥ ~

Les personnages de Mass Effect prennent la pose : Gamekyo is a social video game magazine for the Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation PlayStation PSP, Xbox 360 and PC. Les personnages de Mass Effect prennent la pose

Mass Effect 3 - Legion by

Legion, the geth mobile platform, is ready for war with Commander Shepard and his / her crew. Killer Mass Effect 3 conceptual art by Patryk Olejniczak. Check out more of Patryk’s Mass Effect 3 artwork.

Mass Effect 3

Professor Mordin Solus, Mass Effect the Doc who takes out Merc squads and sings Gilbert and Sullivan.

Urdnot Wrex

“They’ll sing battle songs about this someday. Reaper blood has finally soaked our soil.” Urdnot Wrex // Mass Effect 3 Commissioned work, commissions OPEN, info here