Architects: Enflo Arkitekter, DEVE Architects Location: Gotland, Sweden Architect In Charge: Jens Enflo (Enflo),Morten Vedelsbøl (DEVE) Engineer: Algeba

Gotland Summer House / Enflo Arkitekter + DEVE Architects

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The Island of Gotland, Sweden. checked off mine:)

Gotland as you may know, is a unique island in the North Sea off the East coast of Sweden. It's known for it's spectacular scenery, tangible heritage, local crafts, sheep (the famous Gotland sheep) and lots

Anga Church, Gotland, Sweden by Swedish National Heritage Board,

More churches from Baltic Sea islands. These are from Gotland, photos by Einar Erici. Gotland is famous for the island’s extremely well-preserved medieval churches; there are nearly a hundred of them, never ravaged by war.


Photographer and stylist Amelia Widell's summer house in Gotland, Sweden.

Island of Gotland, Sweden

A lonely house near the beach on the sothernmost part (Storsudret) of the island of Gotland in Sweden.