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Health psychology: a subfield of psych that provides contribution to behavioral medicine.

Home Massagers. Tips And Techniques To Massage Like A Pro. Massage therapy is becoming a more popular career. A massage therapist helps people find relief from pain, relax and build muscle. To become a good massage

Spark: A Burning Man Story

Art On Fire - Stunningly Beautiful Burning Man 2013 Time Lapse. Stunningly beautiful Burning Man 2013 time lapse film by cinematographer Dan.

illustration... Thought you would find it interesting! :)

"She had a heart-shaped face. Don't ask me why, but i had a thing with heart-shaped faces - I hated them. Mine was squarish, ovally, sort of round; what I wouldn't give for a heart shaped face"

illustration  hope  detail

This is amazing, it's not graphics but I really just like the way it looks. I could totally try something like this by drawing 'Dream' instead of 'Hope' as Cinderella always dreamed of having a better life. by Raphael Vincenzi