Michael Carlsson

Michael Carlsson

Michael Carlsson
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crafts to do with logs

Raise of hands. How many have a chair made of recycled New York City water tower sitting in their living area? How about outdoor armchairs made of Indonesian scrapwood?

Invisible treehouse : Treehotel Sweden

The Mirrorcube Tree House-hotel in Sweden Through the Looking Glass: how would be life inside a mirror? The Mirrorcube, a hotel on the top of the trees for ‪

Monopoly-like mirror houses designed by photographer and creative director Autumn De Wilde.

Lighting, Layers, and Reflections by Autumn de Wilde Autumn de Wilde is a creative director and photographer. Above are some photos taken from a portrait series of a sculptural installation inspired.

Benjamin Ruswick

Orthographic depictions of rotational action :: Student: Benjamin Ruswick - University: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. [ Thesis ] M.Arch // C. Denari’s Inverted Observatory