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Water harvesting, filtering, and storage. Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power. Tools that are hand-made and hand-powered. Methane digesters, rocket stoves, wood splitters, solar ovens, and other cool contraptions.

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Creative ideas from smart people!

Creative ideas from smart people!

Water Storage New skills for survival : How to Make a Solar Still. Make your own distilled water from stream or lake water, salt water, or even brackish, dirty water, using these DIY Solar Still plans

Build Your Own Shipping Container Home What should you do with the greywater you produce in your tiny house?What should you do with the greywater you produce in your tiny house?

Simple Greywater Systems For Your Home

Grey water systems are for safe and effective disposal of greywater from your tiny house! You can use irrigation systems to reuse the water or treat it!

 Simple Tips About Solar Energy To Help You Better Understand. Solar energy is something that has gained great traction of late. Both commercial and residential properties find solar energy helps them cut electricity c

This is a neat idea for a campsite, or in a small house/cabin that you don't want to steam up when you take a shower. Might be good idea to have one much like it right next to it for a private changing room?

Green Renewables And Solar Energy. Solar Energy News. Deciding to go earth-friendly by converting to solar power is without a doubt a good one. Solar power is now being regarded as a solution to the planets electricity demands.

Top Tips For Survival First Aid | Survival Lovers

Solar tent for drinking water by Martin Becker, via Behance

Bamboo is also used to make blades for wind turbines. 19 Interesting Ways We Use Bamboo.

19 Interesting Uses For Bamboo - BuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

You'd be surprised at the number of uses for bamboo. Here is a selection of uses for bamboo tree like stalks that can be turned into nearly anything. Take a look.

Bamboo water wheels

Bamboo water wheels

solar energy news . Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy, CLICK VISIT BUTTON ABOVE! solar energy advantage and disadvantage Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Casa Bunker, Alternative Energie, Architecture Renovation, Architecture Design, Solar Heater, Solar Projects

Thermosiphon Solar Air Heater with heat storage

This is a solar air heater that uses the sun's heat to pump air into the house. It also stores heat into a bed of rock. Even after the su...

Solar Kiln Plans - Woodworking Tips and Techniques - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Plans, Woodworking Projects

The Right Woodworking Plans Make Woodworking Projects Easy - Adams Easy Woodworking Projects

Building anything can be frightening initially. Experienced woodworkers know the key to success is a good plan. A good woodworking plan is kind of like having a good road map prior to beginning a journey. Whether you’re building a woodworking project or taking a trip, if you have a bad plan you’re going to get lost! Prior to you begin your look for a plan, think of what you might like to build. To produce some ideas, browse at your environments. Go check out some furnishings shops …

Wasserräder bauen - wasserräder

Wasserräder bauen - wasserräder

Solar energy in particular can give the owner a better return on their investment quickly. Here are some benefits to adding solar energy as a home improvement.

Solar Home Improvements and Tax Deductions

Going solar energy is all the rage these days with huge monetary incentives fueling the fire. Here’s a little trick to write off an additional part of your solar energy system purchase. Fundi…

Did you know hemp plastics can biodegrade in as little as 80 days? This seems like such a good solution to our current plastic issue. What are your thoughts on this material being used mainstream like this 👆 .

Appropriate Technology on Instagram: “Interesting photo of what hemp plastic does in only 80 days. “Hemp cellulose can be extracted and used to make cellophane, rayon, celluloid…”

Appropriate Technology on Instagram: “Interesting photo of what hemp plastic does in only 80 days. “Hemp cellulose can be extracted and used to make cellophane, rayon, celluloid…”

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Archimedes Hydropower Screw Generator

Video showing the installation of our Micro Hydro Electric Generator. Designed, built and Installed by