I love Lego. Don’t you? This Lego Man Skeleton was created by the talented model designer, Jason Freeny. He was born 1970 in Maryland, USA, and studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  I’ve featured some of his work here on Design Soak before, but just discovered this new design.    Credits: Image © copyright Jason Freeny. Disclaimer: I have No affiliation with Lego®, which is a trademark of the LEGO Group

Anatomical LEGO Minifigure by Jason Freeny. for the docs kid. random-awesome-other-stuff

gummy bear

Funny pictures about The Inside Of a Gummy Bear. Oh, and cool pics about The Inside Of a Gummy Bear. Also, The Inside Of a Gummy Bear photos.

Above: Hello Kitty Character Sculpture by Jason Freeny.

Jason Freeny is amazing! {Stripped-Down Icons - The Hello Kitty Anatomy Sculpture}

Above: Care Bear Skeleton Sculpture by Jason Freeny.

Vintage 1982 Love•A•Lot Care Bear Anatomical Sculpt Care Bear Anatmical Sculpt

More amazing anatomical character sculptures by Jason Freeny.

And anatomy becomes fun . Character Anatomy Sculptures by Jason Freeny

Papa Smurf Dissected by freeny

Papa Smurf dissected, a new sculpture by American artist Jason Freeny, who has fun to dissect the anatomy of the icons of pop culture.

Jason Freeny Ducky Character Sculpture

Rubber Ducky Anatomical Sculpture by Jason Freeny

toycutter: Stay-Puft Man anatomical sculpture

ghostbusters stay puft marshmallow man anatomy - jason freeny [link to series of pop culture anatomies]