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room divider idea/ wire and wood plates as shelf Tapio Anttila Design, Finland

Cinier LT - Cinier

CINIER LT LED products show a very high level of craftsmanship with technical excellence and cutting edge design in every product available. Each CINIER LT is handmade in the CINIER workshops in France. Selecting CINIER LT LED products is choosing

Dining room decor , dining table,  Brass accents,for more ideas and inspirations:

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DE VENTA EN #rufoiluminación A-8081 | A-8084 de Estiluz

DE VENTA EN #rufoiluminación A-8081 | A-8084 de Estiluz

Fun-kattovalaisin, 3-osainen 991 € Vepsäläinen

Fun-kattovalaisin, 3-osainen 991 € Vepsäläinen

The 2097 Chandelier from Flos is a truly stunning pendant fitting with a gilded brass steel central structure and brass arms designed by Gino Sarfatti

Flos Chandelier 2097 - Gilded Brass

Kattovalaisin Random tulee ruotsalaiselta By Rydénsiltä ja sen on suunnitellut Katarina Dahl. Random on yksi By Rydénsin suosituimmista valaisimista. Se on nimensäkin mukaisesti hieman

Random ceiling lamp from By Rydéns by Katarina Dahl