Jaw Dropping Playground Design :: Seriously! I'd love to have just this one climbing piece for Joy. She would be on it rain or shine! ***Diy for the pops!

This but freestanding instead of the a frame climbing wall Bethnal Green, Jaw Dropping Playground Design - London


Amazing outdoor play space for kids- use it for inspiration, love the painted tree slices as stepping "stones"!

I love the idea of adding some kind of natural fort...a grape arbor, a bean tent, etc.

Build a "hiding place" in a natural playscape using willow twigs.This would be fun to do with the kids!

The base is a post that was cut and sanded to a shape we liked (you dont have to do that), then a notch was cut out for the 2x4 legs and frame. He used trim to hold the plexiglass in place.  The plexiglass thickness is 1/4 inch, its 3x3, and its 10 inches from the ground - Play at Home Mom, LLC

Play At Home Mom LLC: Money Saving Tips and Building Your Own Furniture - Outdoor Plexiglass Easel