10 Different and Great Garden project Anyone Can Make 10

Kartoffeln pflanzen, ohne den Garten unkontrolliert zu verwuchern :)

Will be trying tater tires this year with some old tires we have. Learned about this from The Urban Homestead book.

100 DIY Möbel aus Autoreifen - Altreifen Recycling

Here is an idea how to recycle your old tires instead of throwing them away. Nice garden decoration from old tires.

Do It Yourself Ideen mit alten Reifen - 20 inspirierende Beispiele

Make a sandbox with a tire! a tractor tire sandbox painted, add sand and an umbrella Tractor tires made great sandboxes .

DIY Planters with Punch | #planters #Punch #With

15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas

A great way to recyle old tires- paint them, and plant your flowers inside! This would be cute in the butterfly, hummingbird garden.

100 DIY Möbel aus Autoreifen - Altreifen Recycling

How to use old tires Kako iskoristiti stare gume Use old tires to make some interesting and useful gadgetry .

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