Crochet Pattern Milla Alfie Atkins friend by SculptingWithYarn

Crochet Pattern - Milla (Alfie Atkins friend) / Virkmönster Milla i Alfons Åberg

Alfons Åberg - Alfie Atkins in English - is a fictional character created by the author Gunilla Bergström from Sweden in 1972. Alfons Åberg appears in books and animated cartoons. Alfons Åberg is a pretty ordinary guy, who lives with his father. When he was younger he had an imaginary friend named Mållgan, that only Alfons can see

pleasekeepmeinmind: “ Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins in English) This is my childhood, like for real. Gon’ go to the cinema with my sister today and watch some Alfons Åberg-films, haha.