Kermit the Frog apples are a healthy snack. Green and red apples are carved to appear like the famous Muppet star. Serve these apple slices with a peanut butter marshmallow dip. Kermit the Frog apples are a good way to convince your kids

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Hungry Happenings: Fill your Easter Baskets with Peanut Butter Fudge Filled Chubby Bunnies, real link plus tons of cute treats!

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Heart Melon This is something simple and sweet that you can do for your loved one/s on Valentine’s Day. Buy heart shaped cookie cutters and make watermelon hearts! You can also use other melon like.

Nature at its scariest best,lol... cute!

Every day, vicious vegetarians tear into these poor helpless veggies. Help to end the violence today--eat a vegetarian!

hot dogs and pastry

Halloween-Food ideas-Hot Dog Mummies - Crescent roll dough cut into strips and wrapped around hot dogs with mustard faces