This collection of recycled and repurposed bottles will add loads of transparent jewels to your home or garden. Bottoms up!
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Cool way to display necklaces (maybe the bottle should be full for added stability and glued to a base?) - no original link, sorry

Here's another use for all your empty wine bottles. Necklace Display Idea - make a wooden board to fit over a wine bottle. (Maybe fill the bottom of the bottle with sand for stability).

Gallery | Australian Interior Design Awards

Wine Republic - Melbourne - 800 bottle lighting sculpture nicknamed the 'Wine Cloud' - retail display

bottle garden fence

garden wall made of recycled bottles, diamond drill bit for glass and some steel poles and you could easily make one of these yourself. I think I might start saving all of my wine bottles for a garden gate next year.

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Different form of a wine bottle tree. Great blue accents for garden or as a dividing wall around a patio or deck. The sunlight shining through would be spectacular! All we need is a glass of wine to enjoy the beautiful setting!

#recycled #bottles as a garden. #garden art with a purpose...a Brazilian design studio and TV show help low-income families redecorate and improve their homes and areas. Love this cute wall garden.

Plastic Bottles Garden

This plastic bottle vertical wall was created by Brazilian design team Rosenbaum. As part of a drastic home makeover project in the outskirts of San Paulo, the garden features both flowers and herbs.

Water bottle wall

Water Bottle Wall

Water bottle wall----this is becoming more popular; as a sidenote, at the new Kroger MarketPlace in Cedar Bluff they have hanging art fixtures made with water bottles--look for them in the drink aisles-JL

recycled wine bottles repurposed into candle chandelier

If you have got empty wine bottles in your home then these DIY wine bottle ideas for garden and home will interest you for sure.

#recycled #bottles as garden border

Recycled Wine Bottle Garden Border

Repurpose empty wine bottles as garden borders to help to curb soil erosion.

Upcycle Wine Bottles into Garden Borders!--At my house it would be beer bottles.rather less classy, but we just don't drink that much wine.

guerilla gardening puts these funky little planters on the street with #recycled plastic #bottles

Head Gardner

Head Gardner created by Anna Garfort, turns milk plastic bottles into funny faces and then hangs them on street lamps or road signs. Guerrilla gardening through art!