The Lover's Bridge in Paris. Couples attach a padlock to the bridge and throw the key into the river symbolizing their eternal love.

LOVERS BRIDGE IN PARIS - I put a lock and key on this for Darren and me! lovers fasten padlocks to the railings of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. The couple then toss the keys into the Seine river below, symbolizing their eternal love

Lake Powell, AZ/UT

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona. It is a major vacation spot that around 2 million people visit every year.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland - igloo hotel rooms

The Hotel Kakslauttanen and Igloo Village in Finland is home to unique thermal glass igloos that offer some of the best views of the Northern Lights. (Courtesy of Hotel Kakslauttanen and Igloo Village)

igloo hotel rooms,  Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland -

Glass Igloo at the Kakslauttanen Igloo Village - Lapland, Finland. Only open between December and April each year, the glass igloo lets you sleep beneath the magical light of the aurora borealis at a comfortable room temperature.

la Balades de Gnomes in Belgium. This is what the Trojan Horse looked like?

The 'Cheval de Troie' (Trojan Horse) suite at the magical La Balade Des Gnomes hotel in Belgium

Sweden's Kolarbyn - primitive eco lodges

Deep in the Scandinavian forest 12 primitive forest huts, with candles for light and an open fire to cook meals+The Kolarbyn Eco-lodge: Sweden’s most primitive hotel.

Sweden's Kolarbyn - primitive eco lodges

This is a hotel room in sweden(Kolarbyn) consists of twelve little forest huts located by the beautiful lake Skärsjön. Called Sweden´s most primitive hotel, the huts have no electricity and the dark evenings are lit by candles or traditional oil lamps.

traveling capsule hotel

Survival Pod Hotel in Netherlands Located on a can in Amsterdam; stay in The Capsule Hotel, which consists of oil rig survival pods.

Old gypsy wagon hotel room - Les Roulottes de la Serve, Provence, France

Unique places transformed to living spaces like wagons, airstreams, boats,vans, etc.

Sweden's TREE HOTEL -  inside the mirror cube room

The Mirrorcube, Harads, Suecia - Peter Lundstrom / Barcroft USA /Barcoft Media via Getty Images

Sweden's Kolarbyn - primitive eco lodges. Inside one of 12 primitive forest huts here, candles and fireplaces provide the only night-lights, and guests cook their own meals over an open fire.

We Dare You to Book One of These Weird Hotels!

Inside one of the forest huts. Kolarbyn Ecolodge in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

Marmara Antalya Hotel in Turkey - these rooms spin a full 360 degrees!

We Dare You to Book One of These Weird Hotels!

Marmara Antalya, Turkey This is the only rotating hotel in the world, allowing you to experience stunning views. Floating in a pool of 478 tonnes of water and aided by six electric motors, it completes a rotation several times a day.