Louise Nevelson, Royal Tide 1 (1960). Photo: courtesy Storm King Art Center.

From Storm King Art Center, Louise Nevelson, Royal Tide I Painted wood, 86 × 40 × 8 in

The Pinterest 100: Home.  Use as a "rug" stenciled particle board strand.

Mr. & Mr.’s Erosion Of Concepts As We Know Them

ground by pierre talagrand: painting triangle patterns on the wooden floor (or tile floor). This would also be nice for bathroom wall treatment on top of wood panels.


Katharina Trudzinski (via New Work by Katharina Trudzinski – Sight Unseen)

Louise Nevelson Boxes. http://lscolors.blogspot.com/2011/02/louise-nevelson-boxes.html#

oh the colors we see (fund. color and design): Louise Nevelson Boxes


Textile Sculptures Created From Dozens of Multicolored Orbs by Serena Garcia Dalla VeneziaChilean textile artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates thoughtfully composed arrangements of hand-sewn.

stained particle board wall.

OSB, Stained and Cleared in different stain colors Wall behind is painted Silver I think I like the OSB better for walls than flooring though. Or maybe even for cielings.

Done with reactive patina paints: 1) Bronze 2) Copper 3) Iron & rust 4) copper & rust

Metal Effects Patinas on Letters. The beautiful oxidation is by Me & Mrs. (Cool Paintings Effects)

Apartment and conference space in Warsaw by Maciej Kurkowski and Maciej Sutula

This just looks great and adds interesting detail (this one is placed in a meeting room, but could be nice pretty much anywhere). Great use of a corner. Apartment and conference space in Warsaw by Maciej Kurkowski and Maciej Sutula

ColoRing Chairs

For his ColoRing collection Jo Nagasaka used Udukuri, a traditional wood craft technique for polishing wood surfaces that reveals a coarse grain pattern which is then painted three times to create a vivid coloured, and smooth, surface.


Offices with reuse interiors - Fairphone Head Office, Amsterdam by Melinda Delst

Rubberwood is used to clad box-like meeting rooms and create seating at this office for a smartphone manufacturer within a former warehouse in Amsterdam