No-sew super hero cape from a men's t-shirt. Cute AND simple. #repurposed #kids

Dad to the rescue for HERO CAPES! Super hero cape from a mens t-shirt! No sewing involved! For super hero party!

DIY Lace Crowns great for party favors

You never know when you might need a crown. Make from lace and use the microwave. Cool and beautiful. *Rook No. recipes, crafts & whimsies for spreading joy*: Lace Crowns -- Quick Microwave Method

DIY bubble wands- use old wire hangers

DIY bubble wands- use old wire hangers or copper wire. Use as goodie bag favors for Ian's next birthday party; make homemade bubble solution & put it in pretty canning jars, decorated in some fashion.

2T cornstarch + 2T water + 5 drops food colouring = Sidewalk Chalk Paint.

How To: Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint

How to make sidewalk chalk paint: cornstarch + water + 5 drops food coloring = Sidewalk Chalk Paint.

Who needs to spend money on bath toys? :)

Cari- this would be fun for Mailey. DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Boat - super easy and kids would love it! Could make into a boy toy too, just replace Barbie with Action Figure

crayon art with embellishments

happy sparrow: A handmade gift. made these for my kids' teachers one year and they were a hit Crayons Garden teacher gift

find some reclaimed boards and some ribbon!

Squires Squires Garcia-Lacaze this would go perfect in you Pintrest house! :) shelves for doll/stuffed animal storage? Can convert to other type of storage when the kids get older

Bubble bouncing...bubbles that don't pop!

Bouncing Bubbles 1 C distilled drinking water 1 Tablespoon dish soap 1 Teaspoon of glycerin straw (or a typical bubble wand) 1 clean glove (or sock) - (this is to keep the bubble from popping)

Toy airplanes from empty lotion or shampoo bottles....some people are just so clever!

Recycled Shampoo Bottles into fantastic planes/rocket ships - Use a second bottle to cut out wings, fins, props for the plane, and assorted craft/electric/duct tape for the lovely striping

#Reclaimed Lumber Outdoor Blocks

Let kids paint reclaimed wood blocks to stack and play with outdoors. Great ideas for LOTS of sensory play.