plastic toys for toothbrush holder - cute idea!

Gift idea: Dinosaur Tooth Brush holders - drill holes in any toy animal and create your custom toothbrush holder. Include toothbrush and toothpaste.

Hmmm...we've got a bunch of dowel rod offcuts from a local business...

DIY Organization::Very clever! Would be great in a kids room or laundry room. Paint or stain the dowels and you have a whole different look!

recycled toys as painted lid ornaments

Spray painted cans // You will need: Old cans, toy figures (such as Lego, plastic animals or KinderEgg-stuff), super glue and spray paint.

wooden blocks recycled as designer hooks

Turn old building blocks into the nicest wall hooks. Via Das Rote Paket

I could honestly cuddle up in one of these recycled plush sofas!

Las Sillas de Fernando y Humberto Campana. Stuffed animal sofa by Hermanos Campana. Ohhhhhh, to think of all those animals I gave to Goodwill. We could have had a sofa!

recycled toy art

fun way to display childhood toys-- I need this display orb things! :D I have so many fun things I can put in them!

recycled plastic toy makes cake topper debut

DIY Party Animal Candle holders Drill hole in plastic toy animal; glue in birthday candle holder: spray paint desired color!