plastic toys for toothbrush holder - cute idea!

Gift idea: Dinosaur Tooth Brush holders - drill holes in any toy animal and create your custom toothbrush holder. Include toothbrush and toothpaste.

Hmmm...we've got a bunch of dowel rod offcuts from a local business...

DIY Organization::Very clever! Would be great in a kids room or laundry room. Paint or stain the dowels and you have a whole different look!

recycled toys as painted lid ornaments

Spray painted cans // You will need: Old cans, toy figures (such as Lego, plastic animals or KinderEgg-stuff), super glue and spray paint.

wooden blocks recycled as designer hooks

Turn old building blocks into the nicest wall hooks. Via Das Rote Paket

I could honestly cuddle up in one of these recycled plush sofas!

Las Sillas de Fernando y Humberto Campana. Stuffed animal sofa by Hermanos Campana. Ohhhhhh, to think of all those animals I gave to Goodwill. We could have had a sofa!

recycled toy art

fun way to display childhood toys-- I need this display orb things! :D I have so many fun things I can put in them!

what to do with all those abandoned Happy Meal toys.  #recycled

This toy wreath is actually made from a set of Happy Meal toys! This wreath really shouts out "CHILDHOOD". All those Happy Meal memories. playing (with those annoying little toys) and then brought together in this wonderfully…

recycled plastic toy makes cake topper debut

DIY Party Animal Candle holders Drill hole in plastic toy animal; glue in birthday candle holder: spray paint desired color!