plastic toys for toothbrush holder - cute idea!

Gift idea: Dinosaur Tooth Brush holders - drill holes in any toy animal and create your custom toothbrush holder. Include toothbrush and toothpaste.

Hmmm...we've got a bunch of dowel rod offcuts from a local business...

DIY Organization::Very clever! Would be great in a kids room or laundry room. Paint or stain the dowels and you have a whole different look!

wooden blocks recycled as designer hooks

Been looking for a way to repurpose my kids' huge collection of wooden blocks -- there's gotta be a great re-use for them, huh? diy: wooden toy blocks repurposed as hooks. And love that they are dipped in paint.

I could honestly cuddle up in one of these recycled plush sofas!

The most prolific, and probably the most famous designers ever to hail from South America are the Campana Brothers. Humberto Campana studied Law, while his brother Fernando took-up Architecture.

recycled toy art

fun way to display childhood toys-- I need this display orb things! :D I have so many fun things I can put in them!

recycled plastic toy makes cake topper debut

DIY Party Animal Candle holders Drill hole in plastic toy animal; glue in birthday candle holder: spray paint desired color!

use the front ends and the back ends of recycled plastic toys

Heads or tails.plastic toys painted and repurposed for hooks. These would be so great in a kids room or playroom.

this recycled Barbie chandelier is kitchy, princess-y, and barbaric all at the same time!

Recycled Toy Lighting - Uncovered in Portland, Utah and New York, these quirky chandeliers made out of recycled dolls could be the perfect DIY project for making good use .

glass moisturizer jars and plastic toys repurposed as glammed up treasure boxes

Recycled Toy DIY - recycled makeup and moisturizer jars are topped with plastic toys and painted for a luxurious little box to hold your secrets from Pysselbolaget