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War (Guerra) #Darksiders

Sacer of War - Joe Madureira

Darksiders: Death, an art print by Liger Inuzuka - INPRNT

Darksiders: Death, an art print by Liger Inuzuka

Four Horsemen Symbol | deaths symbol and avatar plagues symbol and avatar conquests symbol

An excellent idea for Death Runes.

Fantasy art magazine cover by *el-grimlock on deviantART

Ionad inspiration

Animation, Concept Art, Models Sheets, etc.


fantasy-art-engine: Abyssal Wendigo by Legendary Memory


Gevurah - The left hand of Ein Soph. The harsh Judge and curator of action. As the forceful left hand, Gevurah must temper the dreams of existence with harsh protocol. Ever steadying the wings of migrant hearts to ensure the journey.

This was so cool I just had to pin it!!!

“ creaturesfromdreams: “ Nebulous Nightmares by priteeboy ” ”

Bezaliel, Angel of Shadow, by Peter Mohrbacher

Angelarium - Bezaliel, Angel of Shadow, Peter Mohrbacher

Brom Art

History of Art: Fantastic Art - Gerald Brom