Regina Hansson

Regina Hansson

Regina Hansson
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Snirkligt och smart "knäppanordning"

Elven Circlet Necklace - Silver Wire Wrapped with Blue Quartz - Elvish, Celtic, Medieval, LOTR, LARP - Aquarië wedding idea

Enkelt men elegant!

Medieval Renaissance circlet tiara pagan fantasy ELVEN celtic swarovski Blue on Etsy (reminds me of Sailor Mercury)


DIY Costume Cape (Little Red Riding Hood?) This cape is perfect for the huntress costume that I had in mind for a Halloween party, but made with the the right materials, hooded capes can be worn over a coat for added warmth during the winter.


beautiful sketch of a gown. I'm a pretty decent artist, but when it comes to designing clothes, I can't seem to put down on paper, what I see in my head