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Jesper Waldersten

Witty illustrations by Waldersten

Ned Ludd Market Bike-ira

This project steams from the need of head chef, Jason French of Ned Ludd restaurant.

Josh Vogel. Video by The Scout.

We visited Josh Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. in late 2010 and kick started this year with a feature on the wood sculptor based in Kingston, New…

The Mast Brothers. Video by The Scout.

The life of a mariner is one given over to wanderlust—the quest for adventure, crossing unseen horizons to secure precious goods—only to bring them back…

Billykirk. Video by The Scout.

Brothers Chris and Kirk Bray have been producing leather goods for the last ten years. They launched Billykirk from Los Angeles in learning their craft from a third generation leather maker.